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The best thing we can do is to make wherever we're lost in
Look as much like home as we can.
The Lady's not for Burning,
by Christopher Fry

Personal Web pages are an wierd indulgence in a wired world. So few of us have anything to say that's worth a damn to anyone but ourselves. And yet, the Web allows us all to have our say, to anyone who'll listen - but it also puts control firmly in the hands of the listener.

If the Web page you're reading bores you, you can move on. And you will. Plenty more pages out there to view, after all. But the Web is the great leveller - if you're bored reading a web site devoted to a multinational company, or Babylon 5, or the Queen of England, you can move on from those sites just as easily. On the web no one can buy your attention, at least not for very long.

So yes, these pages are self-indulgent, eclectic and personal. And that's just as it should be. If you're not interested (and there's some pages on here that I'm not expecting to interest anyone else), then there's plenty of other pages to look at. In fact - I've got a few suggestions.

If you are interested, here are a few pages to be going on with.

Here's my public key if you want to send me secure e-mail or verify my signature - its fingerprint is 21F9 49C5 5A22 D3A5 C8F8 CDED 795B B0DE 420F F0D0.

David Matthewman - david@matthewman.org